Carpool & Vanpool

Ridesharing (Carpool/Vanpool) Ridesharing is exactly how it sounds - you are simply sharing a ride to work with others. Ridesharing also refers to both carpools and vanpools. What's the difference between a carpool and a vanpool? The driver in a carpool picks up other interested commuters at their home, at a park and ride lot or at another mutually agreed-upon location. Although it only takes two people to form a carpool, increasing the number of passengers will reduce overall commuting costs. Vanpools are usually a more formal arrangement among a larger number of interested people than are carpools. If you commute more than 15 miles from home to work each way, the cost savings from joining a vanpool may offset the time involved for multiple pickups and drop-offs. Passengers in a vanpool share the ride and pay a low monthly fare to the designated driver in a minivan seating up to six, or a full-size van seating up to 12. The vanpool driver, frequently a co-worker, usually rides for free since it is his or her responsibility to ensure the smooth functioning of the vanpool.