With the large number of employees and visitors expected on the Fitzsimons campus in the very near future, you may be wondering what you can do to avoid the parking crunch. Riding transit is one way to avoid the hassles of traffic and parking, not to mention that it's easier on the environment than single occupancy vehicle (SOV) travel.

The Fitzsimons campus is served by a number of RTD routes, allowing for access from all directions.

Routes serving Fitzsimons:
  • 15 - East Colfax (East-West route)
  • 15L - East Colfax Limited (East-West route) Note: Limited buses only stop at selected bus stops along a Local route to provide faster service. In some cases, they take shortcuts that bypass congested areas.
  • 20 - 20th Avenue (East-West route)
  • 121 - Peoria Crosstown (North-South route)
  • DM - Boulder/Fitzsimons - Regional route

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RTD FasTracks

The I-225 Rail Line is a 10.5-mile light rail transit extension proposed to travel through the City of Aurora and one small section of the City and County of Denver. The I-225 Corridor will connect the existing Southeast Light Rail Nine Mile Station with the planned East Rail Line's Peoria/Smith Station and will include eight stations. Learn more about FasTracks.

January 2013 RTD Services Changes

RTD How to Ride Video

RTD - How to Ride Video